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Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the specialty for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the mouth, jaws, face and neck. Our oral and maxillofacial team is staffed by surgeons with both medical and dental expertise, allowing us to offer our patients the highest levels of treatment in both oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery as well as the combined speciality.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery services include:

Dentoalveolar Surgery:

  • Cyst removal and apicectomy
  • Decayed roots and teeth
  • Implant and pre-prosthetic surgery
  • Management of acute and chronic oral infections
  • Management of lumps and bumps in the mouth and jaws
  • Oral and facial pain and temporomandibular joint dysfunction
  • Surgical exposure of buried teeth
  • Surgical removal of impacted and awkward teeth
  • Traumatic lesions of the soft tissues

Salivary gland surgery:

  • Benign and malignant tumours of the mouth
  • Mucocele removal and other orofacial lumps, jaw, salivary glands face
  • Oral ulcers red and white lesions that occur in the mouth
  • Parotid, submandibular and sublingual gland surgery for benign conditions
  • Salivary gland problems including dry mouth
  • Stone removal


  • Biopsy of suspicious oro-cervico- facial lesions
  • Comprehensive treatment for osteoradionecrosis
  • Comprehensive reconstruction (including microvascular)following the resection of above
  • Fibreoptic laryngo and pharyngoscopy
  • Skin tumour and mole excision with local flaps if required
  • Surgery for all oropharyngeal carcinomas including paranasal sinuses and salivary glands

Facial Pain:

  • Cryotreatment of trigeminal neuralgia
  • Temporomandibular joint arthrocentesis
  • Temporomandibular joint surgery for carefully selected cases

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